2008 Weinan Allotec Printing Machinery Co., Ltd was incorporated in Weinan City.

2009 Weinan Allotec Printing Machinery Co., Ltd started production operations.

2010 The first high speed rotogravure printing machine OT-SY250 was erected and worked in Shanghai Baolu Package Group; The first dry laminating machine OT-GF250 was erected and run also in Shanghai Baolu Package Group in August.

2011 Launched the first OT-SY150PVC floor film rotogravure printing machine.

2012 New factory in Linwei Industrial Concentration District was started to build.

2013 Launched the first OTY200EN multifunction coating-printing machine

2014 Moved to the new factory and started the researching and producing the water-based ink rotogravure printing machine; Pass the quality system certification of ISO 9001:2008.

2015 Launched the first electronic line driving system rotogravure printing machine on speed of 250m/min in Guangzhou ChinaPlas; Enterprise was selected as a Famous Brand in Shaanxi Province; Introduced in Juying’s modern enterprise management mode.

2016 Launched the first OTY350 high speed water-based ink rotogravure printing machine in Shanghai ChinaPlas, which is also the first one in China, and recognized by the market.

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